Tuesday, June 02, 2020

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Nantucket Lightship

The Law Offices of  Vaughan, Dale, Hunter and Beaudette, P.C. are located on the Island of Nantucket and in the Town of Nantucket. Our Law offices are on Whalers Lane, a stone’s throw from the Town and County Building on Broad Street. We have been providing legal services on Nantucket since 1978. See more on our firm profile page.

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The Nantucket Law Firm, Vaughan, Dale, Hunter and Beaudette, P.C. handles legal issues related to Nantucket real estate law, Nantucket trusts and estates and a miscellany of other areas. Real estate law, as it is practiced on Nantucket, is an intensely local effort. It embraces not merely purchase and sale agreements but working with surveyors and engineers and appearing before local boards such as the Zoning Board of Appeals, Conservation Commission, Selectmen and Historic District Commission.

The Nantucket lawyers that are members of this Nantucket law firm are Edward Foley Vaughan, Kevin F. Dale, William F. Hunter and  Richard P. Beaudette. The firm has two associates, Lori D’Elia and Bryan J. Swain.