Monday, February 17, 2020

Firm Profile

Sunset over Nantucket Sound

We are located on the Island of Nantucket and in the Town of Nantucket. Our Law offices are on Whaler’s Lane, a stone’s throw from the Town and County Building on Broad Street. We occupy most of a three story building.  The firm has six lawyers plus support staff.

My name is Edward Foley Vaughan.  The firm was started by me in 1978 when I moved to Nantucket from New York City where I had been practicing trusts and estates law for thirteen years. In 1981 I was joined by Kevin F. Dale and our present firm was formed shortly thereafter.  Mr. Dale and I have practiced together for more than thirty years.

Approximately seventy to eighty percent of our work is in the real estate area, ten to fifteen percent in the area of trusts and estates and five percent in a miscellany of other areas.

Real estate law, as it is practiced on Nantucket, is an intensely local effort. It embraces not merely purchase and sale agreements but working with surveyors and engineers and appearing before local boards such as the Zoning Board of Appeals, Conservation Commission, Selectmen and Historic District Commission.

In addition to our real estate work, we prepare and give advice on wills and trusts, administer estates, local and foreign, prepare estate tax returns and represent guardians, conservators, and other fiduciaries.

We advise and work with local businessmen and women.

Our work frequently takes us to the Massachusetts Land Court in Boston.

We also offer derivative services to clients, where necessary, in the field of litigation, including criminal defense work.

When matters come before us that we are unable to handle, we have a strong network of connections with Boston counsel, both in large and small firms, to whom we refer matters.

The culture of the firm is relaxed. We try to work a fair day and close shop by 5:30 or 6:00 P.M.  All of the lawyers have families and children and family responsibilities are important to us.  While dress down days are  making their appearance in the large cities, our firm has had a dress down policy since 1978.  Our view is that casual attire has nothing to do with the quality of our work which we believe matches the output of any law firm in Massachusetts.

All of our lawyers are active in community affairs and proud to live and work on Nantucket.